font not showing up

I have found a solution to installed fonts not showing in the pull down menu on writer.

I’m using LibOffice on Mint 18.1 (64 bit) and was unable to have fonts installed in ~/.fonts show up on the pull down menu.

I downloaded and installed to /home/mydir/.fonts and /usr/share/fonts directories restarted LibOff and refreshed the font cache using sudo fc-cache -f -v but that didn’t work either.

I found that by logging out and then back into my account and starting Libre Office the fonts I installed in ~/.fonts would show up and be able to be used.

This is unacceptable behavior for any app in 2017.

Is there a bug filed for this?

found this bug

bug report

Have you tried uninstalling the device, updating old systems like adobe ou others and then reinstalling Libreoffice.
It has worked for me when the app wouldnt open at all.
I hope your not having to much of a bad day anyways.