Font on impress slide displayed incorrectly.

I just installed Lubuntu 20.04 and with it came libreoffice Build ID 1:6.4.2-0ubuntu3.

When I create a new presentation the first slide is OK. When I create a new, second slide, the letters in the textbox are kind of squished together. So close that it is not readable anymore. This also happens if I open presentations that I created on my Lubuntu 16.04 Laptop.

Are you aware of that issue and will it soon be fixed? Otherwise there is no point in using Lubuntu 20.04 since LibreOffice is cucial for my work.

Are you aware of that issue and will it soon be fixed?

You seem to make, like many others, that you may address problems with LibreOffice to developers here. If you want something to be fixed, you need to create a proper bug report at bugzilla (This site is about users answering question of other users and not developers collecting bug reports)

I have this same problem. I was wondering if it was a simple configuration problem. However, I guess it is a bug. Anyway, Klotzor, thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one.