font preview in wrong language

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Hello,my font drop-down looks like the pic I attached. All previews are in some weird family. No preview uses “normal” A-Z glyphs.

LibreOffice on Xubuntu 18.04.3, fresh install from ppa: on a freshly installed OS.

Choosing a font works, and the fonts rendered in the document appear to be correct for the one chosen.

Tools, Options, LO, View, Font Lists, “Show preview of fonts” is checked

Tools, Options, Language Settings: “User Interface”, “Locale setting” and “Default Languages for Documents” Western all have “Default - English (USA)” . Asian and “Complex text layout” are not checked. “Enhanced Language Support”, “Ignore system input language” is not checked (tried checking that/restarting, not difference).

Same behavior in Calc, as expected.

There are a few questions here similar, some quite old. No answers, though.

So, the question is: What, if anything, must be done to get English font preview? Thanks!

What do you mean English font preview? What do you need actually? All font names are displayed in Latin letters with the respective typefaces (of course, when a font does have Latin letters, which is not true in very rare cases, then some substitute font is used).

You see a perfectly normal preview. All font names are shown using their resp. fonts; and where the font script is not Western, also a string in that script is shown (like Khmer sample script for “Khmer OS” fonts).

@gabix: I might be wrong, but possibly in the specific case of font list, substitutes might be not used (I remember a recent Q about some MT font, where the font name likely would be shown normally if a usual substitution was used…)

Mike, I have at least one font that has no letters at all, namely, MT Extra with only a couple of math symbols. Yet, its name is displayed in plain letters. Apparently, it would be impossible without some procedure of substitution.

Thanks for explaining. I feel stupid, lol. I sure don’t recall seeing the non-western glyphs like this. It is a new install so perhaps I just didn’t have these fonts - heck, I don’t know where they came from tbh. But anyway, thanks again.