Font textbox text overlapping

I’ve got this issue

as you can see the text overlaps when I switch font size, type, typographi etc. Wich is manageable, but very annoying.

I’ve looked through my settings, and tried a few things, I’ve disabled my theme, to see if that was it, long story short I’m out of ideas, so hopefully one of you guys knows the answer to this :slight_smile: thx in advance

I’ve got the same problem on a fully updated Ubuntu 16.04. Deleting all of the LibreOffice settings folders makes the problem go away for a few minutes, but then it returns. I’m also seeing the problem on the open/save dialog for LibreOffice. Other applications do not appear to be affected.

I saw the same issue (running Manjaro i3), but changing my system theme actually worked. I was using Vertex Maia Dark and changed to Breadth Dark. Fortunately, I prefer this last one. If I switch back to Vertex, dark or other variants, the problem comes back, so I believe it’s something related to how the system theme is applied within LibreOffice.