font type is changed in LibreOffice Calc while editing cell

hi @all,

since some weeks the font used / shown while! editing a cell is different from that applied to that cell.

e.g. on input to an empty or editing a filled cell (doubleclick or ‘F2’) the font for the shown content and the font name in the white box in the upper left corner change from ‘liberation sans’ to ‘liberation serif’.

after pressing enter or changing to another cell the font is changed back in most cases, but i observed rare cases where the change is kept after confirmation.

is this ‘by design’, or a bug (e.g. reg. comparing or selecting fonts with ‘<’ than ‘<=’) ?

affected are some alpha0 and the actual alpha1 version of LO 6.3.



alpha0 and alpha1 are development versions - so this is not the right place to ask questions and/or report bugs on development versions.

ok ________

behaviour not observed in 6.2 and 6.4 versions, if nobody else observes such problems I’ll set the question to closed soon

Experiencing the same problem with Calc 6.4 except that the font listed DejaVu Sans 8 does not change. A selected cell looks crisp but once moving to another it goes back to ugly again.
Ubuntu 20.04