Fonts clarity grey in LO vs MsWord 2016

I am pasting hte examples here. I used two fonts Fjord and Roboto Slab. Fjord i dark in MsWord 2016 but light grey in LO.
image description
image description

The Difference is stark. I tried changing compatibility to Win 8.1 (I run 8.1). I also tweaked Open GPL on and off and yet no difference.

How do we solve this issue?

Where was the document created, LO or MS Word? How was the document saved, odt or doc(x)? What are the color settings in the original? doc (x) format is not 100% compatible with the odt format.

@zyway - Thanks for documenting your issued so clearly. Please do not post as “wiki”, though. This prevents you from gaining “reputation” on the site, and this isn’t a “wiki-style” question in any case. Hope that helps in future.

What you are seeing is mostly differences in the screen rendering engines.
And some differences in the hinting included in the fonts.

Fjord has no hinting.
Roboto Slab has hinting.

Word has full DirectWrite and ClearType support with for full sub-pixel rendering (which can look more gray).
LibreOffice (on Windows) only supports grayscale anti-aliasing which generally looks a lot blacker (and worse).

To see how fonts should look, I do an Export to PDF.
These generally look correct if compared to the PDF output from QuarkXPress or InDesign (not always).
In this case the Export to PDF from LibreOffice and Word looks the same.

But the print output looks different.
Generally Word print output looks the same as the PDF output.
Generally LibreOffice has more problems (that I see) with print output being broken.
But in this case the LibreOffice print output looks more like the PDF than Word does.

I tested with Roboto Slab - Regular (and Fjord).
I would expect it to look correct onscreen and in print.
But, any font with a weight of 200 or less will not look correct on screen or in print on Windows because of the GDI vs DirectWrite issues in LibreOffice.
The Roboto Slab-Thin I got from Font Squirrel is set to 250 to work around this problem.
If you got your Roboto Slab from Google the Thin may be set to 100 and it will not look right on screen or in print.
Export to PDF is OK regardless.

Sorry for no definitive solution but there appears to be issues in both LibreOffice and Word this time.