Footer problem - Writer loses footers - is this a bug?

I use writer to format self published books. I set up mirrored pages with different footers on right / left, and no footer on first page. I’m noticing that when I save the document and reopen it later, the footers are often missing. Is this a bug? Is anyone working on it?
Build ID: 40b2d7fde7e8d2d7bc5a449dc65df4d08a7dd3

Look at the difference between the pdf and the odt files here. I go into format page - I change footer settings so that the footer is not the same on first page and content is not the same right and left. I set up my footers, save the document, reopen it and the footers and settings are gone.

the pdf above shows what I thought I was saving in the odt file, but it didn’t take.

I’m not going crazy then. I have the same issue here with 4.x.x. It works okay on 3.6.5, in fact opens the v4 saved file correctly.

Same issue here with version 4.1. Happens every time, with multiple documents. Footer in my case is same on each page except first page. Very annoying bug, and help will be much appreciated.

I’m using 4.2 ( and I’m having this problem too. If this was a previously reported bug it has not been fixed.

Initially, I was trying to do same left/right with a different first page. Nothing was preserved.

Then I tried same left/right and same first page. Nothing was preserved.

Then I tried different left/right and different first page. Only even numbered pages were preserved.

This was a bug that was fixed with 4.1.5 and 4.2.x

It is possible that what @Rugslug has answered does resolve the issue, but I want to point out that it is not clear from the original question and provided files how the different left / right footers are being defined.

I set up mirrored pages with different footers on right / left …

There appears to be a general misunderstanding that using a mirrored page layout affects headers / footers. It does not. The Page layout option of “Mirrored” refers solely to the margins being inner and outer, rather than left and right. Generally the mirrored option would only be used where a single page layout is being used and there is a desire to have the margins alternate inner / outer.

In order to get separate header / footers on left / right pages it is still necessary to define separate page styles. The provided example uses the Default Style page style for both left / right pages. Refer my answer here about using the First Page, Left Page, and Right Page page styles (which are designed to be chained together in exactly this manner).