Footnote numbers are not updated

I have a book with a number of footnotes, with the number restarting on each page. Under various circumstances, including the text having the note moving to a new page, the footnote is not renumbered. Using F9 and Tools > Update All has no effect.

My work around is to change from numbers to Roman numerals and back. Also, if I change the Counting to Per document and back to Per page, everything updates.

Ubuntu 19.04

I tried reproducing it in a small document and was unsuccessful. The document where the problem occurs is 180 pages long, single spaced. I have also noticed that automatic spell checking stops working if too many errors accumulate, although that is easy to fix by mass correcting problems.

I suspect that an internal timer is stopping the updating process, due to the size of the document and the number of footnotes; this would prevent the application from becoming sluggish.

Which LO version? Which OS?

Can you provide a 2-page sample file still exhibiting the issue? Can you characterise the “various circumstances”?

Provide this additional information editing your question (answers are reserved for solutions here). For file attachment, use the paperclip tool.

Thank you for responding. I updated my question. I suspect that the problem has to do with the large size of the document.


If you save and reopen the document, the numbers are updated?

@steve11235: I have documents in the 250-400 pages range and not experiencing the issue. But I use continuous numbering (not restarting on every page; sometimes chapter numbered). Also I have a moderate number of footnotes (many pages without any).

Make sure style Text Body is enabled (this will space paragraphs apart, using more page estate). Try to create a one-page “lorem ipsum” (type “lorem” without quotes and immediately F3; repeat to fill a page). Then add notes every word or so so that you “saturate” the footnote space, causing text to spill over next page with a fex notes on this second page too.