Footnote page number too high

How can I adjust the height of the page number in the footnote box. It’s at the top of box right now, and I can’t move it lower, towards the middle.

To get a useful answer, mention OS name, LO version an save format. Provide both a sample file and a screenshot (because we may not have the same fonts as you).

Do this by editing your question (don’t use a comment): click on , then use the “pencil” tool.

I think you mean “How can I adjust the space above the page number in the footer”.

  1. Open the Sidebar and select the Styles pane. Select Paragraph style icon if not already selected.
  2. Right click Footer or whatever style you have for the page number and select Edit Style
  3. In the dialogue that opens select the Indents & Spacing tab and in it, set a suitable spacing for Above paragraph.