Footnote Separator Bars

Sometimes they are heavy (thick) and sometime light (thin) and they differ based on whether it is left page or right. (I’m writing a book that needs extensive footnotes). How do I make them all the same weight through-out the document Thanks in advance, Doc

Keep the same zoom value when comparing thickness. And instead of printing, you can export to PDF.

You can set Separator Line properties choosing menu Format - Page Style… - Footnote tab.

This is probably an artefact on screen. It depends on the renderer (you didn’t mention your OS nor LO version, therefore I give only generic arguments).

Generally the footnote separators are only a fraction of a pt thick (0.5pt by default). Pixels on screen are bigger than that (at least with common device 72-100dpi). Any object drawn on screen uses an integral number of pixels and to be visible, this number must be equal to one at least.

Thus the separator on screen will be thicker than the real one printed on paper (300-600 dpi density).

Things complicate a bit if the separator is in such a position it could be drawn on two adjacent lines. Under some circumstances, the separato is effectively drawn twice, giving a really thick one. This effect depends on the vertical position of the separator considering text above it and size of notes. Change text and or notes and the appearance of the separator will change.

To convince yourself this is an artefact, examine your document under a high zoom factor. The effect disappears.

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