Footnotes: How to get NOT superscripted numbers in the footnote area?

Hello to all,

In preamble, a ginormous THANK YOU! to all the persons who worked, and are working to make and improve LibreOffice!

Now, here’s my layman question: Is it possible to edit the way LibreOffice (3.5.4 on my laptop) does format note numbers in the footnote area?

I am a scholar regularly writing articles with a lot of footnotes. Decades of experience with footnotes led me to privilege a scheme of footnotes numbering without superscripting in the footnote area (by contrast, I do fully agree with and enjoy use of superscript for footnote numbers in the main text area).

Editing-altering the style of footnote numbering in the footnote area is something I routinely did with MS Word since ages. Now I am at a loss to perform the same operation with LibreOffice.

Thank you for your attention.


PS: please be lenient with my English, which isn’t my first language.

OP: @AlborNatan

To change the style of footnote numbering in footnote area, select which one you want to use (Footnote Characters by default) in Tools → Footnotes/Endnotes → Footnotes tab → Character styles → Footnote area.

Then edit that style to match your needs by going to Format → Styles and Formatting → Character styles (second icon from the left at the top), right-click previously selected style and select Modify. In the Position tab, under Position section you can choose between Superscript, Normal and Subscript.

This does not answer the question for 6.1.