Footnotes included in the pdf outline

Working on a large document (PhD thesis), my environment is Manjaro OS, LibreOffice 30(Build:2)

The document has a table of contents, and a couple more user indexes, all configured to match only certain styles.

I can remember one of the edits the footnotes started to appear in the table of contents. How, why? I solved the issue by forcing the table of contents to use only certain styles (only headers), all properly configured at correct levels, it solved the issue and footnotes were gone from the table of contents. However they are included in the pdf outline when exporting.

Sorry cannot duplicate on an empty document, as you can imagine, it’s a big document, but can attribute the pdf outline footnote insertion to this issue described preceeding paragraph. It’s more of a cosmetic issue, but when you have 100+ footnotes the outline is far away.

Anyone experiencing the same, can help to solve?



In which file format do you save?

The only way to include footnotes in the TOC is to flag the paragraph style (Footnote in this case) to tell it becomes part of the outline. Check the Outline & List tab of Foornote to see if its outine level is different from Text Body. You may have changed it inadvertently.

It is usually a bad idea (at least for Writer newbies) to alter default configuration for TOC. Including/excluding styles should be reserved for non-standard partial TOCs. This will solve your PDF export issue.


This is not at all a solution to your initial question. On the contrary, it asks even more questions. For community benefit, Copy everything in a comment, then delete your non-answer.

IMHO, your question has been answered. New ones are related to PDF/UA not to a mess with the TOC. It is better to ask an independent question with PDF/UA in its title.

From what I understand about PDF/UA, the document must be fully tagged. In Writer parlance, this means your document is “styled semantically” with absolutely no direct formatting (only legitimate DF use are not prohibited, such as number reset in lists, …).
This is easily done if you’re consistent in your use of styles (paragraph, character, frame, page and list styles; all of them). Usually this means your style names are related to the semantic significance of paragraphs, words, pages, … not to the appearance of text (though from PDF/UA this doesn’t matter).

So eliminating the diagnostics goes through a strict styling discipline.

It solved the footnotes on standard TOC, so that’s one down, thanks! Yes the other ones, thanks for your brief notes, they are already helpful, I can resonate with strict styling attention remarking, i’ll come back with the rest of the questions if they are still an issue, thank you for your time and assistance!

(ps sorry regular forum users for my first reply not being threaded here like hoping this one is)

here is the old post and the other one removed

@Hrbrgr standard .odt

@ajlittoz Thank you! It was exactly that. Styling of footnote was level 1 instead of text body… changing fixes the outline in pdf export.

But since I need to do an universal access pdf, I have lots of other issues…

The warnings got from PDF/UA are:

Avoid footnotes.
Avoid footnotes.
Avoid footnotes.
The text formatting conveys additional meaning.   [Go to Issue] 

(I go to the issue and Writer selects a couple of words from a footnote, next issue selects another word same footnote…)

Text contrast is too low.   [This doesn't show go to issue or let's me know where its coming from]
Text contrast is too low.

No alt text for graphic 'Image2'
No alt text for graphic 'Image1'

These I guess i can fix.

Then I have some weird ones in the middle of PDF/UA warnings

Hyperlink text is the same as the link address '#__RefHeading___Toc11941_231908251'
Hyperlink text is the same as the link address '#__RefHeading___Toc11943_231908251'
Hyperlink text is the same as the link address '#__RefHeading___Toc15694_231908251'
Hyperlink text is the same as the link address '#__RefHeading___Toc15714_231908251'

I’ve been editing this document for over 669:28:26 with 2000+ revisions on 2 machines going through various versions of LibreOffice, please tell me there is a better way than to do a fresh new document and copy paste all elements double checking stylings

Thank you!