For given document no luck to have header and footer this way

Writer 7.6

For attached document it is not possible to have

  • header, same content on the first page unchecked
  • footer, same content on the first page checked
    Anytime I modify one of them to the desired state, the another one changes as well to same setting, or the modification doesn’t get executed by Writer.
    Can someone check if any errors can be identified please?
    ch01-intro-------.odt (13.4 KB)

Page style PrjA is used to control header and footer appearance. Heading 1 style is linked to page break with PrjA page style.

Eventually it has the same reason as

It seems you hit yet another limitation of the “simplified variants” page style configuration. However, I don’t think it seriously impacts your workflow. It looks like different contents has precedence over same contents (be it for header or footer). It is not a big hindrance to duplicate the running contents on the forst page where you want the same contents as in the following pages.

If you really want full control, use the “extended” 3-style method. But it is much more work and worth it only when you have dramatically different “geometry” in your your first, left and right pages.

For this particular document (a chapter) the first page is expected to have no header as it is this page text area which clearly marks the start of chapter. Communicating the start of chapter additionally in header area is superfluous, even disruptive.

What I guess (with difficulty) is you know how to handle deleting first page header contents but you are puzzled by the footer. Just copy the footer from the second page (page number field?) onto first page footer and you’re done.

I wonder where the need from for Writer to make decision about precedence.
A hindrance as soon as one needs to handle modifications - the effort doubles, a risk of overseeing spots on top.
I didn’t get what you mean by “simplified variants” page style configuration.