For years I have completely failed to install the thesauraus. Help please

I am currently using a Mac OSX 10.9.2 and LibreOffice . I have tried using other versions of OSX and other versions of LO over the years. I have never managed to install the English (or any other for that matter) thesaurus. I have read everything there is to read, I think, but I have no success. What am I missing? Please help, it’s driving me nuts.

Excellent question. Thought I would check this out: got the dictionary, installed extension (bizarre it isn’t bundled, IMO), and … nothing. Shows as installed, but no file(s) where Options > Paths say it should be. Did some web-searching, too, and no instructions in Writer manual for installing Thesaurus - only that you need to. So hope this gets a knowledgeable reply! (I’m on Linux Mint 13 LTS + LibO

Actually, I have now found two threads on the AskUbuntu site. I’m in the UK and that one worked! (There is another more general Q&A.) I don’t know if that will help with OSX, though. It all seems rather counter-intuitive, doesn’t it. =/

I’m on Windows 7 and Mac OSX might be different. Thesaurus is here installed automatically. Please look in Tools > Extension Manager. Do you see “English spelling dictionaries, hyphenation rules, thesaurus, and grammar checker 2011.12.05.1”? Go to LO installation folder and therein to share/extensions. Do you see “dict-en”? Go to Tools > Options > Writing Aids. Is the “ New Thesaurus” checked in the list “Available language modules”? Do you have installed Java?

See also: How do I install a Thesaurus on a Mac?

Thanks for the contributions. Now for the astonishing bit. I have spent literally hours trying to unravel this and stayed up veery late last night searching. I was convinced there had to be an answer. I FOUND IT!!! It’s buried but it’s there.

I found this thread: Enable Thesaurus

It contains a number of clues rather than direct instructions so if you want a British thesaurus on a Mac using LibreOffice, this is what I did.

  • Go to LibreOffice extensions manager and delete or remove any previously installed dictionaries
  • Go to this site North American Community DVD
  • Select the latest website version link
  • Go to the Language and Help Files section
  • In the column Mac OSX 64 bit and the row Great Britain Language select Lang
  • Download the language pack
  • Quit LibreOffice if it is open
  • Open the language pack and allow it to install. Follow instructions for Preferences.
  • Hey ho! the next time you open LibreOffice you will have a Thesaurus

This has worked for me. The solution should be included somewhere findable. It really has taken a long long time to discover this.