force reload from command line or settings?

If I already have a file open, it’d be nice if calling libreoffice --view (or something like it) on the same file would reload the file. As best as I can tell, there is no way to force that behavior - no command line option or setting. Does anyone have a suggestion to help? Thanks!

(If it helps understand why I want this, I’m generating .odts from another tool, and using libreoffice (in this case) as “just” a viewer to make sure that my changes in the other tool are correct.)

You can also install OpenOffice and open the same file with LO and OO.

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No, I’m doing this from a script, so some programmatic way to reload is necessary - can’t just switch apps by hand.

It is almost 2 years later now. I am having the same wish.
Did you meanwhile get a working solution?

Does this help? How to reload file via macro on Calc