Foreground and background color pallets disappeared after crash

LO 6.1.5
Xubuntu 18.04

After a crash, the “standard” font lists for foregrounds and backgrounds disappeared. However, the other lists of fonts still exist. The problem exists on Calc, Writer and Draw (haven’t checked the others).

Here are examples of the missing, and existing, font lists:

image description

image description

Try restart in Safe Mode (Help -> Restart in Safe Mode ) and check if palette is back. If yes, most likely your user profile is corrupt and you should reset.

BTW: You are showing (and talking about) color palette and not the “standard” font …

Thanks for the nomenclature tip.

:slight_smile: The real hint is to check Safe Mode

I did that, and there re now colors in the standard palette, but they’re the wrong colors. Ones like Blue 1, Blue 2, Blue 3, Pink, Magenta, Teal, etc are all missing.

Also, there are about half the number of palettes.

No - these are the LibreOffice standard colors in the standard palette as delivered by LibreOffice - May be you have created your own palette or you are used to earlier versions of the Standard palette. Please check, whether you have an own version in $HOME/.config/libreoffice/4/user/config (filename: standard.soc) - Safe mode does work with a temporary fresh user profile and all you are telling now and have described above (empty palette) fits into a problem analysis result stating “Corrupt user profile

“May be you have created your own palette”. Definitely not. :slight_smile:

“or you are used to earlier versions of the Standard palette.” That must be it, since I’ve been using LO – and before that OO – for a long time.