Form field contents always selected

This falls into the “hope this is your biggest problem” category, but I created a form with a calculated field in it. Every time I open that form, the contents of that field are selected and highlighted.

I thought maybe changing the tab order might stop it from doing this, but it still opens up selected. I’ve tried a few other things and nothing changes it.

Any thoughts on how to stop it from selecting this field?

Many thanks!

I’ve attached a sample copy of the data base. The form where this is occurring is called “Long_Stock”

I’m working on a Mac OS 10.10.5, LO version

Thanks in advance for any guidance!


Could you add the file, or a sample, as an attachment so we can try it too ? If the screenshot shows all of the columns, then there should be no need to anonymize any data. Also, your LO version and operating system release.

There’s a ton of data in this entire project. Let me see if I can create a stripped down version to upload. Standby… thanks!

This appears to be a totals only field which requires no entry or edit. Use this all the time. Change the field properties Enabled to No and Tabstop to No. For appearance I also change Border to Without frame.

Edit: Just looked at you sample. The highlighting comes from the Hide selection property of the field. Change it to Yes.

Thanks Mr. R. Yes, it’s a totals field. I did change the field properties as you indicated (including style guide), but it’s still coming up with the amount selected.

Sorry for all the editing. Wasn’t satisfied with my own answer.

Yes! Of course “Hide Selection” Why didn’t I think of that? Many thanks!

Same reason it took me three tries! Sometimes we overlook the obvious.