Form refresh problem in base

I have a simple table and a form related to that table with default form properties. The table has a primary key and there are two additional text fields field1 and field2 (they can store null values).

Suppose I have 5 records in the table. All fields are fully populated except last record, which has null value for field2.


  • Open the odb file
  • Open form
  • Go to last record
  • Clic on next record in order to insert a new record
  • Populate all fields
  • Clic on next record in order to save values of the new record
  • Clic on previous record in order to delete it (for example I noticed it was an error to add it)
  • Clic on remove record and it ask me if I want to remove it because it cannot be undone, ok, record deleted

First problem, after last record is removed, all data of previous record (5) is shown but as record5 > field2 was null, value from the removed record (6) is now presented in record 5 with record 5 data !! Maybe refreshing problem, but very confusing.

  • Clic on previous record
  • Clic on next record in order refresh to be sure it was a refreshing problem

Second problem, record 5 > field2 has been updated with record 6 (previously deleted) > field2, as if I had written that value to change it.

Any way to solve this? I think the problem is a refreshing issue (first problem) when removing a record.

The first problem allways happen. The second one not allways, but the most.

Libreoffice versión:

Thanks a lot

Edit your form and go to properties of Field2. Under Data Tab, change Empty string is NULL to No. This should remedy your problem.

Ok, It seems to work now. Maybe that option should be by default, because it happens with embeded hsqldb, or splitted. Also in Windows and Linux.
Thanks a lot!!