Form requires entry for AutoValue field?

I’ve created a form to populate a table in my database using the Form Wizard. The first field in the table is an Integer field type, set to AutoValue and Primary Key. Unfortunately, the field does not display as an AutoValue field in the form. Worse, the form requires me to enter a value in this AutoValue field before adding the record. Still worse, if I enter a number that has already been used, it erases the existing record, and returns a database error without recording the new record. Sheesh.

Is there a way around this bug or what? I’m using Libre Office on Ubuntu Linux.


Please tell us what database engine you are using and how you are connecting to it.

This problem appears to occur with tables that include links to primary keys in other tables. For instance, I have a tblCust table with the names of all my customers. The field CustID is my AutoValue, Primary Key. However, the table includes several other fields, like SiteID and AreaID. These fields link to Primary Keys in other tables, though they are not the primary key in the tblCust table. This seems to confuse the Base form, giving me the errors above.

Is there a workaround for this?