form resets after exporting as PDF

I been fighting this all afternoon & I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.
I created a fillable PDF with 4 cells that I exported as a PDF from Writer. When I open the PDF, I can fill the cells & it works great. When I save the PDF, all of the data in the 4 cells is lost. I wanted to use this form for my clients to fill and email back to me but if they cant save it?
I thought about making a “submit” button to have it email directly to me but I think that may be above my pay grade as well.
Any thoughts would help.
Thank you in advance!


Thanks for the help… ha!
I figured it out so I thought I would post the answer.
When the document is filled out, instead of exporting the document, select print, then select “save as PDF” as your print destination from the drop down. The file will then ask for a destination and will save with the fields intact.
Maybe I was just dumb but then again, I can’t be the only one so I hope this helps.