Form will not print

I’m trying to print a form in LibreOffice-Calc with a column of numbers down the left side, and a row of headings across the top. The top row will print but nothing else.
I seem to recall seeing one time that you have to select sections that you want to print, but I don’t know how to do that now.
How can I get my page to print?

I think I found the solution.
Format, Print Range, Clear
I don’t understand it, but it looks like it will work.
I still don’t know how to find my questions again after going to other pages, besides just searching till I happen to find it.

Your own questions are in your profile, Preferences, Activity, Topics.

Geez I’d have never found that! Thanks!

Can anyone tell me why the Print Range is back to not printing the page when I reopen it?
If I clear the Range, and save it, shouldn’t it work when I reopen it?