Format and some default values not exported to PDF

I’m using Writer on Win10 x64.

When exporting a PDF form, the formatting is lost in the exported PDF, and in most cases the default value.

I am exporting with Submit Format = PDF, meaning the form data entered will be saved within the PDF.

In the LO form control dialog, for example, a Date control can be set to a format of ‘DD/MM/YYYY’. However when this is exported to PDF and examined in Acrobat, the resulting field has a ‘Select format category’ of ‘None’.

My workaround, as with other LO form issues, is to post-process in Acrobat to enforce the format. Simply changing the format to a date option enables the date-picker within Adobe Reader, which is great for users.

A similar issue occurs with the Default value - this gets lost on PDF export for Date, Time and Numerical fields. When I tested a Formatted field, configuring it for currency, the default was properly retained in the exported PDF.

Seeking community input prior to raising a bug report.

What is a hybrid PDF file?

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I hope that can help.