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I’m finding when I set border width to Extra Thick, they change to Custom.

Forgot this ‘forum’ does not have signatures. Here’s my information. File is saves as *.xlxs “Excel”.

Version: (X86_64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 36ccfdc35048b057fd9854c757a8b67ec53977b6
CPU threads: 6; OS: Mac OS X 10.15.7; UI render: default; VCL: osx
Locale: en-CA (en_CA.UTF-8); UI: en-US
Calc: threaded

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Not with me:
Version: (x86) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 723314e595e8007d3cf785c16538505a1c878ca5
CPU threads: 4; OS: Windows 6.1 Service Pack 1 Build 7601; UI render: Skia/Raster; VCL: win
Locale: es-MX (es_MX); UI: en-US
Calc: threaded

Version: (x86) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 9f56dff12ba03b9acd7730a5a481eea045e468f3
Locale: es-MX (es_MX); UI: fr-FR

If you save as xlsx then you are constrained by what the xlsx format can contain. Not border styles for a start.

Always save as .ods. If you need to share as xlsx then click File - Save a copy as xlsx and send that but don’t continue editing it.

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I’m not sure I follow. Excel supports thick borders as one option among many. Or, is it that LibreOffice save as to xlsx changes them? It’s not convenient to have two versions of a file so will make do.

You should make a comment if it isn’t an answer.

If you look at this screenshot from Excel 2010 there are only 14 borders available, of them only 3 are solid lines.

I created a spreadsheet in Excel and gave three cells the different solid borders, thin, medium and thick. On opening them in Calc the border widths are 0.75 pt, 1.75 pt, and 2.5 pt; in other words Excel 2010 doesn’t support any other thicknesses of solid border so they must be converted to one of those thicknesses.
Those seem to be still the current choices, see Change the width of cell borders - Microsoft Support

So, Yes, Calc does change the border size on conversion but it must to meet the xlsx specification.

Excel doesn’t support cell styles either, only direct formatting.
If you are working with people using only Microsoft Office then you should give consideration to purchasing a copy of MS Office for that work.

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