Format cell dialog is transparent. How do I fix it?

I’m running under Ubuntu 15.04. When I select format cell, the dialog window displays transparent, with no content. I had the same problem with 4.x

Thanks, Andy

Hi Andy

In general LO uses the themes/setup from your system. However, there are some LO-specific setup options:-

  • (menu):ToolsOptions...LibreOfficeView
    (probably not relevant to your problem, but I’m trying to be thorough)
  • (menu):ToolsOptions...LibreOfficePersonalisation
    (could be very relevant if you are using Themes)
  • (menu):ToolsOptions...LibreOfficeAppearance
    (a terrifyingly large number of options)
  • (menu):ToolsOptions...LibreOffice CalcView
    (again, probably not relevant to your problem)

If none of the above helps, then refer to your Window manager setup.

Added later:

Look at Bug1272725:-

“This looks like a KDE4 backend problem. Doesn’t happen with we GNOME backend.”

(last report: LO (on Ubuntu 14.04))
Seems still to be active…

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