Format lost and cells moved in Calc when modify file, save, close and reopen

I do tables in Calc, with cells to be filled and cells to be protected. I have cells with embeded images too. But when I open the file, fill a cell, save, close and open again, the cells appear to be moved and the format (borders, combined cells, etc.) is lost. I’m using LibreOffice (ID: 2ef5aff) in Windows XP Profesional 2002 SP2. I tried most recet LO version and I have same problem.

What file format do you use to save?, have you tried to reset the user profile?, sometimes solve strange issues.

.odt format, of course. I will try to reset the user profile. Thank you for advice.

It didn’t work. I reset the user profile and repeated the steps (open file, save as, close and reopen) and the problem persist.

Hi SusanaSussmann,

Do you still have the problem with LibreOffice 4.3 or a newer version?