Format menu, group column

Installed libreoffice Version: in os x 10.11.6.
I cant group column/ row, becouse in the format menu doesn`t appear the "black"voice group but is “trasparent”.
This is true also for other voice in the format menu.
I tried unistalling/re-installing, problem still there.
What i should do?


I assume you are looking for Data -> Group and Outline -> Group --or-- F12 (The menu your question is referring to is about “grouping” of e.g shapes (objects, images) inserted into your sheet and is inactive as long as there are no objects in your sheet, which are selected to be grouped)

Hope that helps.

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I wrote “group” in help menu (to find it quickly) and it poped up in “format → group” and it comes up what i wrote above. But, Tanks to your suggestion i tried “Data → Group and Outline → Group”, and it works!
Tank you.