Format number in a document as currency

I’m currently writing a document and one of the paragraphs contains some financial information. I’ve tried to format it as currency but I can’t seem to find out how to do it. I have searched for solutions, but the ones I found involve formatting numbers in a table cell, which isn’t what I want.

What I want is to be able to type my text normally and then format the numbers as currency, for example, I want to be able to type “Profit for this month 34000” and have it automatically convert to “Profit for this month $34,000.00”.

I’m using LibreOffice on Windows 10. Thank you for your help.

If the 34000 is in a table then the table cell containing just 34000 can be formatted as currency.

Not what you are asking for but a specific case for currency formatting

As a workaround, you can type all the numbers in Calc, format as currency, then copy and paste unformatted on Writer, and after that add the other text.

Perhaps using the “Insert Formula” field will do.

Press F2, enter a number, press Enter. Right-click on the number, select “Edit fields…” from the context menu. In the “Edit Fields” dialog set the desired format in the "Format"window: for currency choose “Additional formats”.

(same result via Insert → Field → More Fields → Variables tab, choose Type: “Insert Formula”. Enter a number in the “Formula” field and choose the desired format in the “Format” window).

Could help to copy the first number, and paste, then edit (F2) in each new place.
I think that I would preffer to write each complete value from scratch.


Indeed, this is less work than adding a formula everywhere and a specific format. All the more since you can’t change the formatting from a central location, meaning you must edit everywhere to change it.

The only potentially tricky/hard to see bit of formatting after pasting the number is adding the thousands separator(s). This can be done using English grammar checking. Click Tools - Options - Language Settings - English sentence checking and tick Grammar checking and Thousand separation of large numbers. Number will be underlined in blue and you can choose a comma or a Narrow non-breaking space (U+202f) as separator(s), 34,000 or 34 000

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Writer is a general-purpose text processing application. Characters you type have no significance per themselves, except perhaps U+0020 SPACE (and it probably depends on language). Consequently digits are just characters like others. They don’t acquire number status when grouped.

Writer is not intended for number manipulation like a spreadsheet (Calc) would.

A positive benefit of this approach is your numbers will never be hyphenated as they don’t match “common words” in any language, but beware if you prefix/suffix your number with ISO currency symbols such as USD or EUR.

Consequently, you have no other solution than to type manually what you want to show.

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Alright thanks for your help

If it’s just about a bit of financial information: type it as you want to see it.
If you want to make actual sense of it:
Numbers ar made for calculations. If you want to demonstrate some calculations, insert a spreadsheet as an OLE-object.
Formatted numbers in text tables are a very coarse makeshift.