Format Page (Writer) or Format Cell (Calc) very slow to respond

I’m using LO version: (x64) but I’m pretty sure it applied to previous versions but unfortunately I don’t know which version the issue started.
Whenever I use Format Page or Format Cell it takes about 7-8 seconds to respond, it’s very frustrating.
Before this issue the response was virtually instant.
I have no idea what could be causing it; any ideas? TIA


I noticed that as well. In general, access via the sidebar is much faster. Several bugs have been reported e.g. tdf#98132, duplicated of tdf#104312. A patch will be available in 5.3.4.

Thank you for reporting.


Thanks pierre-yves samyn.
I don’t use the sidebar but I’ll have a look at that.

Hurrah, I’ve just installed and it is indeed a lot faster.

I am using Version: on Win10 and it is still annoying slow to pop up.