Format painter doesn't work

format painter doesn’t work with paragraph style and numbering

(LibreOffice 4.0)

Try “Ctrl+Click” or “Ctrl+Shift+Click”.

By default only the character formatting is copied ; to include paragraph
formatting, hold down Ctrl when you click. To copy only the paragraph
formatting, hold down Ctrl+Shift when you click.

Source:Bug 59029 - Format Paintbrush default changed to paste character formatting · Comment #5

See also:[PATCH] modify default behaviour of the format paintbrush

See also → Copy margins and indentation format in paragraph

Hello. I am using LO and the format painter is not working. No matter what I select (formatted text, bullets, table cells) and then apply elsewhere, it does not apply the formatting.

Please help

Hi @androgo,

We’re going to need a little more information before we can help you. Could you please provide a set of reproducible steps that we could follow to duplicate what isn’t working?


I think OP means that the basic charachter formatting when marking som text with som eformatting, clicking the paint brush, and then mark som other text to give it the same formatting is not working. Nothing happens. I’m running LibreOffice XP.

It does not work for me either. Type a document in your home language, mine is South African English, text set to arial 12. Now copy some text from a website that is in a different font and paste it into your document. Oh no. the format is different! No prob, will use format painter from my desired text to adjust the newly pasted text. So select the desired text with he desired format, press the format paintbrust, select the new text, and… nothing, it does not work!

By the way running windows 8.1 x64, libre office, but same problem on my windows 7 32 bit laptop with same libre office version.

reaffirming the problem - it simply does nothing; Mac OSX 10.10.2, LibreOffice