Format replacement in impress

Hello, I have a .odp contains ~300 slides full of text boxes and text boxes full of direct formatting. I want to change all fonts from Font A to Font B (now they are all Font A via direct formatting) and set all paragraph line spacing to Single (now they are all 90% proportional) Thanks!

Windows 11, LibreOffice

According to a help Font B is applied:

1 View/Outline
2 Ctrl+A
3 Format/Character
4 set Font B, OK
5 View/Normal

What about the tag “macro”?
Which operating system and which LibreOffice version do you use?
In which file format do you save?

And please upload here a reduced and anonymized file in which the problem is present.
To do this, click on the three dots or the pencil or the edit icon under the initial question. What is available.
In the edit mode of the question select the “Upload” icon.
Select your file and click the “Upload” button.
Thank you very much.

thank you very much for the remind. post updated. I prefer not upload a sample as the question now is just how to ‘set all line spacing to Single in Impress’, although I expected a macro to do this, but now I see here is no need to specify the method. But I’m still interested in the format find-replace as it is a function in Writer but not in Impress.

Try to use the navigator in the sidebar ( Ctrl+Alt+4 ).

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For the macro, I suppose you need go through all Text Boxes step by step. And it is better and faster if you will upload the example with 2 or 3 slides for easier creating and testing the macro :-).

Untitled 1.odp (50.4 KB)

it is an example, I reply you as I don’t know how to edit the original post. Thanks!

Test this, there is also the progressbar
textboxes.odp (23.1 kB)
I have not installed the fonts with your language so I used a latin letters in example.