formating issues when opening .doc in Microsoft Word


I use LibreOffice on Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon.

I sometimes have to save my docs as .doc or .docx in order to send them to other people that will use Microsoft Word to open and do some modifications on such docs. The problem is that I realized that the page formatting is not conserved and that the documents look quite different that what I saw in Libreoffice. For instance, something that was on top of a page in LibreOffice is not anymore on top of a page in Word.

How can I fix that?

[ I know that for this precise example I could use a page break, but it is not the point of my question, I would like to be able to send documents without having first to ask someone if I could open in its computer to be sure that my doc looks more or less ok… ]

When you save a file using .doc or .docx you will lose formatting information as these formats were not designed for document interchange like .pdf (formatted) or .odt (revisable). It is really the text that is interchangeable, not the format. You could try .rtf (revisable text format) format if your files are relatively simple, Word will read them. You may get a better match than.doc.

You can reduce the interchange differences by making certain that your Word users defines the same page format and uses the same fonts as you. You may also find you can reduce the differences by making your page layout a little different. My wife has the opposite problem with .docx files in that the pages spill over increasing the page count.

Perhaps you could persuade your users to download LibO for free. They may not be aware that it is available. Sorry this is not the answer you wanted