Formatting a Bibliography - insert Journal field in bibliography index

I created a bibliography according to Creating a Bibliography - LibreOffice Help

One of the fields that I filled was Journal:

Now I’m trying to format bibliography entries.
However, when I edit bibliography index and try to insert mentioned field I can’t see it on the list of fields:

How can I use this field?
I use LibreOffice Writer under Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS.


I do not reproduce the problem in my environment (win 7 & The fields already inserted in the structure are no longer offered in the list that you show in your screenshot. Are you sure that this is not the case?


Thank you for verification. As I can see no, it’s not inserted

Maybe this is a bug in polish translation for Writer only? Or I am doing something incorrectly - will it be possible to share my screen (over Google Hangouts for example), so that we will verify that together?

@pierre-yves-samyn It seems there’s a bug in polish translation - I added answer to my question. Thank you for trying to reproduce it.

It seems that polish translation is incorrect (should it be reported as a bug to bugzilla)?

Journal is translated once as “Czasopismo” (in Tools - Bibliography Database) and once as “Dziennik” (Edit Index or Table of Contents).