Formatting a row of text in calc

I have a list of information divided by tabs like this

  • 4% Chronic obstructive pulmonary
  • 4% Stroke
  • 4% Ischaemic heart disease
  • 2% HIV / AIDS

(after each % there is a tab)

in cmd+v it into calc

currently all information is moved to the first column

i would like to get the first block before the tab ( number+ % ) in one cell

and the next block after the tab ( hiv/ aids) in the next cell on the right

Also is there a shortcut to divide the text on the cursor position (in my example the position of the tab behind the % sign ) and move the text after this position to the next cell on the right side.

Bonus question (shortcut to to the same thing, but move text to the cell below)

And by hitting alt modifier key to move it to a newly inserted column on right side of the current cell

/new row below the current cell?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Select the Column and do the obvious in →Data→Text to Columns…