Formatting fractions with predetermined denominators

I have a list of numbers. I would like to display them as fractions rounded to the nearest 1/64. I can do it with 1/16, but that isn’t precise enough.

If I can do that, I would also like to have them presented in lowest terms. But that is only after the rounding is done. I want all the denominators to be powers of 2.

And if I can get both those things, I would like to have them displayed as mixed numbers, and not improper fractions.


Might you explain more clearly, please, what you mean by

I would like to have them displayed as mixed numbers, and not improper fractions.

There was this related question recently: How to format with woodworking fractions?.
I considered probably usable means and wrote preliminary user functions for conversion of numbers to texts using such formats, and I created the related bug (enhancement) tdf#141870.
A solution formatting this way without conversion to text can’t be implemented by user code.
The software itself doesn’t yet suppport it.

By mixed number I mean an integer plus a proper fraction, for example 19/16 would be written as 1 3/16. It looks like I have a solution thanks to Earnest Al. Thanks.

You can click the tick next to the answer. Cheers, Al

Assuming your numbers that you want displayed in 64ths is in column A

Then have column B formatted as # ??/??

In cell B1 enter =INT(A1)+((ROUND(MOD(A1;1)*64,0)/64)) (that was way over-complicated) =ROUND(A1*64,0)/64 and drag/copy down.

Basically, take everything to the right of the decimal point(the remainder), multiply it by 64 and round that to zero decimal places. Add that to the integer (number to left of decimal point). Format everything to a number and a fraction.

Someone will probably come up with a better formula, possibly =INT(A1)+((INT(MOD(A1;1)*64)/64)) might be better to ensure 64ths (truncation is slightly less accurate) but there is rounding in the fraction formatting anyway. Cheers, Al

=ROUND(A1*64,0)/64 >> =MROUND( A1 ; 1/64 )

for fixed denominator 64 use Formatcode # ??/64

MROUND looks better. I think the 64ths might be inch divisions, OP wanted them simplified if possible.

I hope I did the tick right. Thanks, this was great, and yes, the 64ths are inch divisions, and I did want them simpiified. Thanks again.