Formatting Numbers with Units

Simple Problem: I want to input Number ‘x’ into a cell, and have it read out as “x/s” in the cell. i.e. x = 2.75 → “2.75/s”

The problem I am having is not getting the ‘s’ to appear, but rather the forward-slash. I can make it say “2.75s”, but not “2.75/s”.

But as I am sure you are aware, those are two fundamentally different statements, mathematically speaking. Formatting the number to say “2.75 per sec” takes up too much space. Really I just need to find out what the appropriate ‘Escape Character/Format’ is.

Any Ideas?

***Numberformat-code: ***


That worked.

I spent like 45m trying to get this to work earlier, so I am not totally sure what I was doing differently…

I was probably making it harder than it needed to be, as usual.