Formatting question: Incremental spacing. Is this possible?

If I use the function that says “increase spacing,” or “decrease spacing” it seems to apply this to an entire document and not just the area I have shaded where I want this to happen.

This is not what I want. I want to increase the spacing of single paragraphs, ever so slightly. This function does not even show how much the spacing increases by. What I want is to increase the spacing between lines by a very small fraction at a time so the reader may not notice. I am talking about the space between lines of text not character spacing.

Would I need to create a series of default styles with the wanted increments? or is there another way?

Does spacing mean character spacing or paragraph spacing?


Would I need to create a series of default styles with the wanted increments? or is there another way?

For longer documents I would recommend a series of styles (there is only one default style, I wouldn’t change space and indent in default style but in Text Body)…

The spacing between lines of text not between individual characters.

Line spacing is part of paragraph properties and impinges upon an entire paragraph. So you have to alter paragraphs or paragraph styles. The latter is recommended in most cases (especially larger documents).

Possibly you change a paragraph with a style which is set to auto-update? Then the manual change would actually update the style, with document-wide effect.

Mike, it seems to happen even when autodate is unchecked. I think I have gremlins living in my Chromebook! Other stuff like trying to format a footer so the page number appears in the centre will not happen at all and my editor just found strange characters in an original document. I do suspect these are Chromebook issues and wonder if there could be a Chromebook thread. I am sure the same might be needed for Mac. I may be wrong, and also notice a proliferation of Chromebook users asking how to make LO 6 work. I have looked in vain for a Chromebook forum but the question that affects all who use one is how to get a decent version of LO 6 on our Chromebooks. I am not technical enough to know if my issues are related to an OS but if they are, then at least that collective knowledge might result in a solution. Obviously here in this question I am asking about spacing but I do think what I say might be relevant. While LO works on a lot of different OS might how it works vary?

Of course variations are possible - but not only because of OS (and its packaging), but also because of version differences (not many users here use that version that is available for you; by the way, please don’t write “version 5”, because it’s incorrect - in LO, at least (!) two parts of version make meaningful version number).

Anyway, always better not only describe problems, but also provide sample documents and describe which key presses and mouse click sequence produces unwanted result for you, so that others could test and report back.

You will find both line spacing and paragraph spacing under [Format] > [Spacing]. The operation is only on the scope of your highlighted text. For more tweak-ability, select your text → right-click → select paragraph and then → edit style.

Yes I am aware of that If I do that, is it direct formatting? I use styles in preference and my point is wanting something finer tuned.

Yes, it’s direct or manual formatting and will not do what you really want, as if you want to change the format each must be done individually “Ctrl+M” will get rid of the “manual” formatting.

By now you have found an eloquent solution.