Formatting the pulldown list of paragraph styles

First time user of LO (LO 7.1.4) and trying to make it look the way I want. Right now the pulldown list of Paragraph styles has each style showing the font and font size of the style. I would like it very much to just show me a compact list of the names of the styles. (Ditto for the Page styles List and Character styles list.) This will make the lists MUCH more compact and easy to scan.

I’m sure there must be a way to do it, but I can’t seem to find it.

In the sidebar, select the styles tab (stylised A), at the bottom of that pane choose Applied Styles to see just the styles that exist in the document. Is that what you mean?

As you use styled paragraphs in your document, any new styles will appear in the toolbar, in Paragraph styles, at the top and unused styles drop off the list

Or to untick the Preview box?

Unticking the Preview box did what I wanted in the sidebar display of styles. THANK YOU!

Now, how do I do the same thing in the pull down in the upper left of the second toolbar (I use full rather than simple display of toolbars)?

If you aren’t interested in what the styles look like, why don’t you ignore the paragraph styles drop down box and just use Ctrl+0 for Text Body, Ctrl+1 for Heading 1, etc.?

Because I don’t do it that way? I have my own styles and I have no idea how to attach them to keystroke combos and no real desire to do so, either. I have a perfectly useful drop down menu I can (and want to) use. Different strokes (sorry) for different folks. If it can’t be done, I’d like to know that.

I have no idea how to duplicate the No Preview for the Set paragraph style drop down box. I am sure it can be done, the source code is available, but I think it would take longer than any benefit from having a shorter drop down.

I usually use the sidebar and once I am a little way into the document I switch to Applied Styles to limit the number of styles in the document.

Hi. I was looking for another setting and saw this one: Tools > Options > View, under Font Lists, untick the box labelled Show Preview of Fonts. Cheers, Al

That applies to the pull down under the name of the current font. It doesn’t affect the pull down for the styles.