Formatting with Multiple Right, Left and Center Text Alignments?

I have spent way too many hours trying to recreate this attached play format but am baffled. I have read and watched all the tutorials I can find but am just not getting it. None of what I have read and watched get specific enough in their step by step sequence for it to make enough sense for me to get it done. The text alignments using, I assume, tabstops, are what are hanging me up, I especially am having no luck with the left and center text alignment on the same line. I can make it work for one line but not when writing the paragraph, etc. If anyone can recreate this page step by step, very beginning level step by step, I would be forever grateful.

(edit: activated screenshot)

Please don’t use all bold font in your question. Thank you.

Also tables (without borders) are extremely useful for all kinds of complex formatting. E.g., in this case, you could use a 2-column 1-row table, and put SETTING: to its left cell, and the rest to right cell.

The drawback (compared to correct use of style with hanging indent, suggested by @LibreTraining ) is that you couldn’t manage the formatting applied using tables centrally (e.g., in case you need to change the size of the indent for all similar places).

The advantage is that you may create more complex setups, with multiple columns and rows, and merging some cells.

Oops, didn’t see this answer. I second this approach based on attached doc… though there might be other sections of the script that need a different layout. I regularly use tabs with center and right aligned elements when it makes sense. But tables seem very appropriate for this scenario.

If you mean the “SETTING” paragraph, that would be a done with a hanging indent.

Like this

Basically what you are doing is indenting the whole paragraph to the center,
and then setting a negative first line indent to move the first line back to the left margin.
Also notice the tab after “SETTING:” which is set in the same place as the overall indent.

You should make styles for each of these paragraphs and assign keyboard shortcuts.
Also pay attention to the “next style” setting to do some of the work for you.

If this answered your question please - check the checkmark at left.


Thanks for your time but I can not recreate what you have written. I obviously do not have the basic skills, I need a step by step, hit this button, then do this, etc. But again, thanks.

@LibreTraining: I frequently see the recommendation to add a tab stop at the left margin of hanging indent styles. This is safe play but overkill and may prove harmful when editing styles (you may inadvertently forget about this tab stop).

With negative first line indent, there is an implicit left-alignement tab stop at left margin. Consequently, you are always aligned after a tab, even when you edit/change only left margin.

@ajlittoz: I see in testing that setting tab stop is not needed.

@AskTheTicketGuy: I will make a short video/animation to show you how to do this.
When that is done I will update my post above.