Formattting some sheets 'portrait' and some 'landscape'

I have a calc document with seven sheets. Some of these sheets need to be printed in ‘landscape’ format while others need to be printed in ‘portrait’ . Using Print Preview - format page, I can change the printout for ALL sheets to either portrait or landscape, but whichever one I choose, it invariably measns some sheets are printed wrong. It seems that this page format command applies to ALL sheets. Is there a way to apply portrait to some sheets and Landscape to others ?

@Edward3 's linked answer looks like it will work and has the advantage of permanently assigning the orientation to the pages. However, if you are willing to do it manually, you can select all the pages needing portrait orientation in the pages to print dialog and print them portrait, then select the landscape pages and print them landscape.

see: Print different Calc sheets with different orientation or scale