Formula in Calc to show the next month

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How do I have a cell show the next month? Today being February, I would like a formula to show March.

If you need simply string “March” in the cell - you may simply put a date of next month to desired cell, and have proper format for that cell.

To reliably get a date in the next month:

=DATE(YEAR(NOW());MONTH(NOW())+1;1) - don’t use today’s day, or else you will fail on next months which have less days that today’s;

Use MMMM format string to display only the month in the cell.

Another option is to use TEXT spreadsheet function with the same date and format string.

Hi Mike, did not notice your answer was first, even though your name was in the above I did not think to look, was so interested in formula and just not used to this site. I clicked your, mark as correct. Formula and format worked well, thanks. You have helped me before and I did not notice it until now. I hope you get credit even if I marked another first.?? If not, sorry about that, they should post first answer at top. I’m still looking about the site to learn. Thank You

Sorry. I commonly vote up a good answer before I post an alternative to make sure the first answer is shown above mine. Missed it in this case.
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Thanks Lupp, was unable to un-click yours. I clicked Mikes, Mikes turned yellow this time, before it didn’t. I need to pay more attention, Thanks for info Lupp.

As already @mikekaganski hinted there isn’t a kind (type) of data made for values meaning months and nothing else. The common way to represent a month is to use its first day for the purpose. Formatting a cell with one of the ‘Numbers’ format codes MMM or MMMM will cause the cell to only display the standard abbreviation in the first case and the full name of the month in the second case. Anyway the value will also contain information about the year and the day (1 in our case).

As an alternative formula to return the first day of the next month I would like to suggest =EOMONTH(TODAY();0)+1:

Worked great. I had the cell formatted OK, to “month”, just could not find or knew clearly, as my question shows, a formula that could work. Thanks, should I reword my question? Add, "formatted to month and now needing a formula so cell will show next month?

I wouldn’t reword the question. We simply won’t get rid of the problem that “to contain”, “to show”, “to evaluate to” and some expressions alike get mixed up. Neither the help nor the api are really unambiguous concerning the terminology on this level. And the odf specification isn’t even specific about the fundamental term “type” e.g.