Formula result in cell always shows zero

Every formula shows 0 in cell.

For example this formula computes to a non-zero value, but the cell doesn’t show the result properly.

There is no special formatting on the cell.

Even the formula “=1” gives 0.00.

Every sheet does this. But not in the cells that already had formulas in them. some switch was flipped idk what.

Please upload your .ods type sample file here.

Are you using LibreOffice 7.0.x and does CTRL+SHIFT+F9 solve the problem? If yes - may be partly #tdf137248

There is no special formatting on the cell.

We see your screenshot that a formula yields 0 and your statement that formula(s) yield 0.00 which already indicates some differences in formatting. Perhaps not “special” in your view, but it could mean something.

If the recalculation (as per @anon73440385’s comment) does not resolve your issue, I cannot see that much more useful can be said about the case without having a sample file to examine.

Maybe User-defined Format Code for the cell is \0. Could try with Ctrl+M.

Thank you all for your support.

I have been trying to reproduce it after a restart of the the document solved the issue.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to do do it.