Formula should return a decimal, and doesn't

I’m trying to use a formula to calculate a monthly payment from a few values. For some reason, when I do the math using a calculator, I get the correct value (that has 9 digits of decimal place precision), but when running the formula in LibreOffice Calc or Google Drive, I get a rounded off number.

Here’s the formula:


And here is an example of the values i’m using:


B5: 0.0080208333

The answer that Calc/Google Drive outputs is $96.00, where the answer I’m looking for is $96.639 (Unsure as to whether I want 3 decimal places or not in the answer)

Anyone know how to remedy this? I’m trying to use this to present some figures, and am using quite a few references, so that column being rounded off isn’t acceptable.

What if you do? =PRODUCT(B5;E5)/POWER(SUM(B5;1);-120)

LibreOffice help:
Returns the integer part of a division operation.
QUOTIENT(Numerator; Denominator)
Returns the integer part of Numerator divided by Denominator.
QUOTIENT is equivalent to INT(numerator/denominator), except that it may report errors with different error codes.
=QUOTIENT(11;3) returns 3. The remainder of 2 is lost.4

Thanks for the quick reply! Your suggestion (and I tried putting both sides of the / sign in parenthesis) didn’t work, it’s giving a circular reference error. This is super frustrating!!

With Menu/Tools/Detective maybe you can find out useful information to avoid e circular reference. The only way is if you share a file with the issue to take a look.