Formula to Value greyed out


Created a formula in a cell. Did: Data, Calculate, Formula to Value. Worked fine to display value.

However, now I wish to modify the formula slightly. However, when I try to reverse this to display formula, I find it greyed out.

What to do?

Any cell can contain exactly one of the following: a number, a text, or a formula.

As soon as you replaced a formula by its result (either number or text) the formula is no longer present. The only way to get it back is the > ‘Edit’ > ‘Undo’ tool (also Ctrl+Z) of the user interface, but only as long as the undo-stack was big enough, and the document was not saved.

Thanks. There must be a way to retain the (an) original formula, perhaps in a “protected” cell, and have the results show in another cell?

You can always refer to the formula cell in another cell to display its value, e.g. with your formula in A1 just enter into any other cell =A1

By default the result of the formula should be shown anyway in the cell containing the formula. If you got shown there permanently (not only during editing) the formula, you must have the setting
‘Tools’ > ‘Options’ > ‘LibreOffice Calc’ > ‘View’ > ‘Display’ > ‘Formulae’
switched on (wrongly). This is an option only (rarely) useful during the design/debugging of complicated sheets.

Thanks to all.

@joea:L Would you mind to tell in what way you got rid of your problem?