Formularios LibreOffice Base nao entra a cor


ao utilizar o LibreOffice Base percebi que ao criar um formulario ele nao aparececia a cor quando selecionava as cores na aba “Aplicar estilos”

Chegava na parte “Aplicar estilos” ao selecionar a cor,ela nao aparecia no fundo do exemplo e nem no formulario ao concluir

ja desinstalei e instalei para ver se resolvia,mas nao adiantou nada

uso o Ubuntu 12.04

Hi @Anonymous2, We don’t currently have a localized Ask site in Portuguese. Could you please try to ask your question in English? We might be able to help you more quickly that way. Thanks!

if you are trying to change this background color, try reading this:

Hi Anonymous,

We now have an Ask site localized in Portuguese (Brazilian). If you haven’t already found an answer to your question, Please feel free to ask your question there!