Formulas stopped working after copy and paste from another worksheet

Imagine two columns, A, B, formatted for numbers, then the third column simply multiplies these two columns to get a sum: =A1*B1

This has stopped working in Calc after I copied and pasted some data from another worksheet. And, exiting and entering Calc did not help, nor did inserting a new sheet within the workbook. Only if you open an entirely new workbook does the formula begin to work again.

Sorry but it’s back to Excel for me. Noble effort, but I don’t have confidence in this product.

So, what does not work, what does the symptom look like? We love vague descriptions. My guess: your copied data is of type text instead of number. Anyway, good luck with the other product.

@erAck - thanks. The entire spreadsheet is corrupt. Even when I open a new worksheet, format for numbers, then try to do what I stated, multiply two columns, Calc does not work. I ported the spreadsheet to Excel and it works fine. Mind you I program and am a power user, and this is not a simple problem. BTW, the Linear Optimizer in Calc also doesn’t solve non-linear problems, unlike Solver in Excel, but that’s another issue. I’ve donated money to Libre; I’m not hostile, just don’t believe.