Fraction are shown as sum of integer+fraction. How to show them as only one fraction?

As you can see:

the fractions are shown as sum of integer plus another fraction. For example in the first row, 11/4 is 2+3/4

By now, the format I am using is 123 31/68:

and as you can see, in User-defined there’s also 8395/68 format which I tested. This “fixes” the problem (the issue of integer+fraction), but this way I have ALL the numbers (even the integer ones) expressed as fractions. So for example 2 would be 2/1, and I don’t want that.

Is there a way to have the integer numbers shown as integer, and the fraction shown as ONLY ONE fraction?

What’s shown under Format in the image of the dialog is just an example. Please don’t quote it as “the format”. What actually describes a specific number format is what you find under “Format code”.
The distinction is important, because you actually can place there ?/321 e.g. to force the formatting process to find the best approximation of the actual value with the fix denominator 321.

if I put ?/??? it always shows decimal. Even if I write ?/??? it shows the same decimal for example 1.666666666

The many question marks for the denominator (more than 8) make no sense. A 9th one will not even be accepted.
?/??? must return the best approximation with three digits in the denominator at maximum and without a split-off integer part .
What version are you using? Tell also your UI language and locale.

Your question contains a “condition”. So the solution can be found in conditional formatting.

Create a style, name it, for example, Fraction, give it the desired way to format the fraction.

Specify this style in a conditional format.

(Do not forget to clear the cells from the formats that you have already applied to them, press Ctrl+M)

thanks for answer, but I don’t know how to specify the condition? How can I open this windows “Conditional Formatting” like your screenshot?

Choose Format - Conditional

it works, THANKS :slight_smile: