Frame and db connection lost when saving

Saving and reopening the document, the frame is converted into a text box, and the db connection is gone.

  • The addresses are downloaded as CSV (from CiviCRM)
  • Using Calc, converted in DBF format (utf8 character set)
  • Created ODB using the DBF
  • Opened “data sources” in Writer, selecting the DBF table
  • Created frame for the address box
  • Fields (name, address) dragged into the frame, fields appearing as < FIELDNAME > (without the spaces)

Immediate printing works perfect. But when saved and reopened, the address box is changed into a text box. The fields appear as “Name Database.Name Table.FIELDNAME” (without the quotes) and the db connection has gone. I have to recreate a frame, drag the fields name again into the frame.

Note: using a frame for exact positioning for a windows envelope.

  • LibreOffice version (x64)
    Build 92a7159f7e4af62137622921e809f8546db437e5 Language Dutch
  • Windows 10 Home version 1709
    Build 16299.192


An easier method to create an envelope is from menu select Insert->Envelope and design from there. However your method also works but requires more work on your part.

In the creation of the DB, it wasn’t actually necessary to create a DBF. The CSV probably could have been used directly. But again, what you have should work.

Here is a test just performed which contains two frames. The document was saved twice. The first time with just the top frame and a data record loaded. Then it was re-opened and the bottom frame was created and saved without actual data stored in it, just the field names.

image description

The top one has data in it because of the way the document was saved. The lower has the actual field names. At this point there is NO connection to the DB. None was made. Only fields referencing data fields.

Ctrl+F9 reveals the actual data names:

image description

and Ctrl+F8 removes the shading:

image description

Now you are probably looking at one of the last two. Next, removing Ctrl+F9 & Ctrl+F8 to get back to my first screen, and with the cursor OUTSIDE of both frames, from menu selecting View->Data Sources (or Ctrl+Shift+F4) actually connects back to the DB this document was attached to. A record can be selected and the Data to Fields icon (see cursor arrow) is pressed to place the data in the fields:

All this is just to print a single record. You can select multiple records and use Mail Merge to print multiple records.


Also note, you may have an option turned on to display Field Codes. From menu go to Tools->Options then under LibreOffice Writer->View make sure Field Codes under Display is not checked.