FREEZE PANE, how to activate in LibreOffice???

I need the headings of my tables to freeze so I can freely scroll my rows up and down and still see the headings. If this feature does not exist, I’m going back to MicrosoftOffice! Even the sum functions are messed up grrrrr!!!

EDITED: I NEED to keep an area of a worksheet visible while I scroll to another area of the worksheet. I remember when I had MicrosoftOffice I just go to the View tab, where I can FREEZE PANES to lock specific rows and columns in place, or I can SPLIT PANES to create separate windows of the same worksheet.

Now that I am using LibreOffice, I copy pasted a table from SPREADSHEET (CALC) to a Text Document (WRITER) But it does not seem to work for me. WHY I am doing this is because I feel my table looks cleaner when it is in Text Document and I need to share it to my team that are really below my already super basic tech skills so they won’t feel intimidated by the spreadsheets…

NOTE: I don’t speak tech lingo, I am just a commoner in the tech world and I only know the basics even when I used to have Microsoft Office. I ONLY HAVE LIBREOFFICE ON MY LAPTOP NOW. OS: Windows 10, LO: v (x64)

I tried to RETAG but after erasing and retyping new keywords such as WRITER CALC, it reverts to my original! I hit space and ENTER twice but it is NOT RETAGGING for me. :frowning: Appreciate your kind assistance.

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Yes, I agree: “I am unable to find View|Freeze... in menu” looks much less impressive than “If this feature does not exist, I’m going back to MicrosoftOffice!” Not telling that “Even the sum functions are messed up grrrrr!!!” also looks very mysterious, so overall it is a masterpiece.

Hey Mike, please be a hero for this community by answering the main HOW TO question. But good to know my question catches someone’s attention in seconds! LOL

I supposed that my comment also contained a reasonable hint:

View|Freeze... in menu

@SS2: be also a hero to this community by explaining why you need to freeze a “pane” on this site. There is no pane at all. You tagged meta (meaning the question is not related to the suite but to any question about this site, the site engine or policy) and you insisted adding ask.libreoffice.

If you have problems with tables in some application, please retag and edit to tell which one. Tables exist in Writer, Calc, Draw and Impress. There are features to “freeze” or repeat headings in Writer and Calc.

If you want help, help us to help you by being accurate and descriptive.

Nota: to exit retag mode, type a space and hit Enter twice.

Hero Mike, I am unable to find View|Freeze…I am on text document.

Hi ajilttoz. My apologies, I am a newbie and not techy like you guys. I am forced to click the suggested meta as it would not let me post my question so I just chose without understanding what those tags are.

@SS2: this illustrates my point about lack of information in your question. Edit it to mention at least OS name and LO version. Add a description of what you’re trying to achieve in which application. Tell how you do it presently without success.

I am on text document.

This is the most important part of the question - pity it wasn’t mentioned. Do you say that Word allows to fix table headings like you describe? Or do you mean things like split window? Or do you mean repeating headings on each page (the latter is configured in Writer in table’s properties, Text Flow tab, Repeat heading configuration)?


I NEED to keep an area of a worksheet visible … At MicrosoftOffice I just go to the View tab …

At LibreOffice, I copy pasted a table from SPREADSHEET to a Text Document

Could you please tell why? Did you “copy pasted a table from SPREADSHEET to a Text Document” in MS Office? If so, then there is no such functionality in MS Word as you describe (freezing), I know that. If you did not, then why do you do this in LibreOffice? Freezing rows/columns, and also splitting window, are features of Calc (“spreadsheet” component) - and then - again - see my initial comment with the hint about View menu.

Hero ajlittoz - thank you for your clear directions. However, I have no idea what OS & LO version means or HOw TO find those. I edited my description of what I hope to achieve while at Text Document and how I did copy pasted a table from “Spredsheet” to “Text Document” but the Freeze Pane does not seem to work nor do I see any View|Freeze.on Text Document ofcourse.

Hero Mike Kaganski - I hope my description box makes more sense now… and YES to all you mentioned beautifully. Thanks so much for guiding me. And thanks to BOTH OF YOU, now I know what I am using! (CALC or WRITER) :slight_smile:

OS = Operating system, e.g. Windows 7, Windows 10, MacOS Mojave.

LO = LibreOffice - find version via menu option Help | About.

Please think about what you are trying to tell: “When I was using MS Office, I did something in Excel (e.g., freeze rows/columns). Now that I use LibreOffice, I suddenly decided to do something very different (move the data to a text document for some reason), and expect the text document to work the same way as spreadsheet. I didn’t find relevant feature in the text document, and tell you that I will return to MS Office because of that - even though I have no idea if this workflow would allow me what I want in MS Office (spoiler: it would not)”…

Again: freezing rows/columns, and splitting the window, are available in Calc.

OS = Windows 10, LO = v (x64) Many thanks, Hero robleyd!

HERO MIKE KAGANSKI - YOU’RE SIMPLY AWESOME! Not only did you help me analyze my thought flow and help state my question eloquently (in a techy sense) but you also guided me with your satirical comments. I’m surprised that you made my day. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I need to share it to my team that are really below my already super basic tech skills

I don’t know how impressed we should be with your l33t hero skillz here…

Yes Hero robleyd, no shame in admitting some of us don’t belong to your techy 133t class and definitely no shame in the willingness to learn from the experts here! Thanks again LibreOffice. I’m glad I came here to ask for help and hope to pass this kindness forward someday.

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Not knowing if I should laugh (loudly?) or weep (bitterly?). Your suggestions? Not techy, please!


Calc is for calculations and ordering of data.

To Freeze Panes

Another method to freeze rows and columns below

To Split Window Click in the cell where you want the split and click View > Split Window

To See two windows of same file Click Window > New Window and then arrange both windows side by side

Writer Table

If Calc is like a calculator then Writer table is pen and paper, you have do much more manually. Better to stay with Calc for calculations but in case you want to venture into Writer tables you can only repeat table headings on each page

To Repeat Table Headings on each page

Step 1

Then Step 2