Freezing col & row (but still moving)

Hello, I want to Freeze first row and first column the way they never move. In the test sheet, if I move horizontaly, the “type cells” will move too. And so for the “title cells” if i move vertically. How to, if it’s possible, to freeze row and column like an interface ?
test.ods (9.2 KB)

Does this answer your question?

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Freeze rows and or columns in Calc

thanks for reply but as explained in your link:

" If we now scroll down, the lines 1 and 2 are freezed.
And if we move the horizontal scroll bar to the right, columns A and B remain freezed."

what i want is line(s) and column(s) are remain freezed for scroll down AND if horizontal scroll move.

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Click in cell H6 then click View > Freeze Rows and Columns


but, this is a comment.
Now let me explain more what I wait.
the first row is for the type (movies, books, …)
the first column is for the titles (of the movies, of the books, …)
the second column “carry” a new numbering.
first column / row are a kind of interface to quickly move from a sheet to an other one. If I freeze in cell H6, first column / row act as i wait but I lost numbering.
bye the way thanks for the answer

To be honest, I did not understand anything you describe, sorry.

You can upload a sample file here. To upload, edit your input request and use the upload icon. Thank you.

Note: In Calc you still have an alternative to freeze, it is splitting the window, maybe it will help you better:

Or you can use a combination of split and freeze.

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@gear , i looked at your file with the Test for freeze. IMHO it is correct like this.

If you still have questions about this, you should use this example “Test”, step by step to explain what you want to be different. Thank you.


for my purpose, in this attached file (test sheet), red column and red row shouldn’t move (horizontaly nor vertically), blue column should move vertically but not horizontaly, the rest of the sheet move as usual.

Root sheet is an example of an approximate result: root (the entry point) provide choices (only series in this case) then you can choose between 3 “serie world”. Each of them give you the the list of serie with the associated episodes. So if you want to take a look for star trek The Next Generation 5th saison episodes, type of medias (serie, books, video games), series list and numbering (blue column) are no more display.

it’s the reason why i want to freeze columns and rows for any kind of motion (red) and free for one motion (blue with vertical).

Sorry for my bad english and lame explanation
test.ods (20.2 KB)