French currency not supported with calculation ?

I have cells that have : Format CAD $ French (Canada) and Language French (Canada).
If I enter a number, example 3,45, the result shows up as 3,45 $ , which is OK.

If I try to enter the following : =3,45 + 1 I get : Err:509.
If I just enter : =3,45 I also get Err509

I need to change the “,” by “.” to make it work, which defeat the fact that I work with french canadian numbers.

So, if I enter =3.45, it will result in 3,45 $ Really ennoying, since my numeric pad on my Mac is configured with a comma (,) and not a dot (.).

Is this working as designed ??

What LibreOffice version are you using?
The problem is not currency but decimal separator.